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Sandoz acquires EBEWE Pharma specialty generics business, improving access for patients worldwide to injectable cancer drugs.


Currently positive negotiations with some new business partners


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Address : Villa 62, 4th Touristic Area, 6 October - Egypt.

Tel : (+202) 38240793 -38240794 -
       (+2) 0122 5913006 - (+2) 0122 5917002

Fax: (+202) 38240795 - (+2) 0122 1933144

E-mail :

Milestones in the Company history:

1988: B.P. Pharma was founded by Dr. Essam H. DIMETRIOS with a group of business partners establishing Limited Shareholders company located in Maadi Cairo,Egypt . B.P.Pharma cooperated with European companies, biosyn Company and Optimed Company.

1993: B.P. Pharma, added a new European partner GEROT Pharmazeutika, Austria.

1994: B.P. Pharma, added a new European partner Ebewe Pharma, Austria.

1995: B.P. Pharma, expands and relocated in new premises in Giza.

2007 B.P. Pharma, expands and relocated in new premises in 6th October city with superior facilities that match with new business needs.

2009: B.P. Pharma added a new S.American Holding company Neolpharma Group .

B.P. Pharma, now is working in the region of Egypt and all African, Arab and Gulf countries with a team of 95 person in its head quarter and main representations through:

1- B.P. Pharma London - United Kingdom

2- B.P. Pharma United Arab Emirates

3- B.P. Pharma Egypt