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Sandoz acquires EBEWE Pharma specialty generics business, improving access for patients worldwide to injectable cancer drugs.


Currently positive negotiations with some new business partners


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Address : Villa 62, 4th Touristic Area, 6 October - Egypt.

Tel : (+202) 38240793 -38240794 -
       (+2) 0122 5913006 - (+2) 0122 5917002

Fax: (+202) 38240795 - (+2) 0122 1933144

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GEROT Pharmazeutika

GEROT Pharmazeutika is an enterprise that has been developing and selling human healthcare products for more than 60 years.

In our core competences - epilepsy, gynecology and angiology - we continue to set standards that are recognized in international specialist circles and are highly esteemed.

Health and health maintenance are our goals. By developing and selling innovative products, we contribute to a better quality of life for our fellow people.
1948: Gerot Pharmazeutika founded by chemists Dr. Gergely and Dr. Otto.

Gerot Products Many years of experience, precise processing quality and strict quality control ensure pharmaceutical specialties of the highest standard. Our comprehensive range enables us to support patients in many different therapies with efficient solutions.
  Health is our most valuable asset. Therefore we see it as our responsibility to achieve the best quality possible in all areas of our business.


1948: Gerot Pharmazeutika founded by chemists Dr. Gergely and Dr. Otto.

1992: Merger of Gerot Pharmazeutika with Donauchemie, part of Rhône-Poulenc S. A.

1997: Lannacher Heilmittel GmbH buys shares in Gerot Pharmazeutika.

2003: G.L. Pharma is established as a production subsidiary.

2007 : G.L. Pharma expands production.

Production of solid dosage forms is shifted from G.L. Pharma Vienna to G.L. Pharma Lannach and G.L. Pharma Vienna specializes in liquid and semi solid dosage forms.

Awards and sponsorships :

Scientific research and striving for improvements in existing therapy options are the foundation for medical advance. For this reason Gerot Pharmazeutika awards prizes at regular intervals for exceptional research achievements of young Austrian research scientists