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Sandoz acquires EBEWE Pharma specialty generics business, improving access for patients worldwide to injectable cancer drugs.


Currently positive negotiations with some new business partners


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Address : Villa 62, 4th Touristic Area, 6 October - Egypt.

Tel : (+202) 38240793 -38240794 -
       (+2) 0122 5913006 - (+2) 0122 5917002

Fax: (+202) 38240795 - (+2) 0122 1933144

E-mail :

About B.P.Pharma

At B.P. Pharma, we feel we are committed to the medical profession as well as the people who use our products; Clinicians, pharmacists, hospitals and patients whom their expectations are our most valuable objectives. We do our best to offer services of the highest quality. We strive to provide safe and effective products and to make our prices affordable, and we exert a remarkable effort to choose among pharmaceuticals to introduce the most innovative products to satisfy our customers and market needs, keeping quality always our prime Priorty .

We are also committed to our partners, to whom we deliver our atmost care and attention. Our Partners express their happiness and satisfaction with our outstanding service quality, which identifies the integrity and transparency, as its core values.

At the same time we feel it’s our responsibility to create excellent working atmosphere for our professional staff and colleagues. We guarantee motivation and support which satisfy their ambition which leads to creativity, innovation, loyalty and full dedication to customer satisfaction. We respect their self-esteem, award their achievements, and rejoice their success.

Our success is based upon our customer satisfaction, which is the natural result of selecting excellent calibers, focused management, offering equal chances for development and career advancement - for those qualified - in a clear and transparent manner.

We strive to be an exceptional company in customer satisfaction, a company that customers feel proud to deal with.

Loyalty and sense of ownership are our cornerstone assets.